Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Few Thoughts On Solo Parenting

Parenting itself is difficult. It becomes more difficult when a parent goes through it on her own. This is because her attention and time are divided between providing for and disciplining all her kids. Even though parenting on solo sounds very difficult. It is possible to succeed on it.

If you find yourself in similar situation, here are some ideas that you can try. First of all, accept the fact that you can only do so much when it comes to disciplining your kids and leading them to the right path. It’s natural for kids to disobey or act up at times. So, don’t feel depressed r frustrated when your kids are not behaving the way you expect them to behave.

Secondly, remind yourself to make your kids feel loved every day. Say that you love them. Hug and kiss them. Due to busyness and stress, most solo parents forget to show their kids are more than just liabilities. They are treasures that must be valued all the time.

Lastly, refrain from forcing an absentee parent to recognize your kids or perform his share of parenting duties to your kids. Doing so will just create additional problems that can cause stress on you and ill feelings on your kids.