Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How Moms Can Motivate Themselves to Exercise

It is a given that moms have a lot of responsibilities to take care of at work and at home. These responsibilities often become the roadblocks that stop them from sticking to a fitness routine. In this post, I will share with you some tips on tearing these barriers down so that you can be the healthy and fit mom you've always wanted to be.

Get started. Fitness doesn't have to be complicated. You can start with it by doing the simplest physical activities your energy and time allows. Begin by exercising for a few minutes whenever you can --- before going to work or during breaks. Execute basic exercising movements and optimize later.

Inject fun in your fitness routine. Do physical activities which you really enjoy. This will prevent boredom from creeping into your quest to be physically fit. Instead of listing up for calisthenics, join a group where you can learn to dance. You might also want to consider signing up for sports program.

Build positive habits. Don't be easily dismayed when you fail to hit your fitness goals on time. Stop being hard on your self and try your best to think and act positively in all circumstances. Focus on enjoying healthy years with your children instead of counting calories, routine repetitions and missed steps. Focusing on the bigger picture will motivate you to get up and do your best each day.

You might find this video helpful if you're getting back from a long period of time with no exercise.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Steps to Overcoming the Pain of Divorce

Many say that going through divorce is much more painful than enduring the death of a loved one. Feelings of fear, guilt and shame experienced by the divorcees and their children make the event even more painful. Do you find yourself in similar situation? Here are some tips that will help you survive the pains of divorce.

Avoid denial. Accept the loss. Face the reality of it and painful feelings that come with it. Pain is a natural phenomenon by which we know that's something is broken and that it needs to be fixed. Understand that experiencing pain is normal.

Realize that the pain is temporary. You must believe that this stage  will pass and that you will get free from the pain through a step-by-step process. If you're able to get over the pain in a healthy manner, a mature version of yourself will be born soon after.

Invest your pain wisely. Use the pain you feel to grow in different areas of your life. In fact, you can support and help other divorcees or their children to become better people while you're in the process of mending your broken heart.

Give yourself enough time to heal. Total healing from pain may take years but it will not take forever. Some divorcees recover sooner compared to others because they're more intentional in searching for ways by which they can improve their situation.

Forgive and let go of the past. Unforgiveness will keep you tied with the past. Decide to forgive your ex-partner and other people who have hurt you during the divorce process even though they didn't ask to be forgiven. Pick up the lessons the past taught you and forget about the pains that resulted from it. Keep your eyes fixed on the good things that will happen in the future.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How Cellphones Can Badly Affect Your Health

While cellphones provide an efficient way of communication, no one can deny the fact that it's harmful to our health as well. According to the World Health Organization, cellphones use transmission radio waves through a series of base stations. These stations hold radio frequency waves which cause ionization in the human body. There are other health risks which are caused by use of cellphones. They are the following.

1) Cellphones cause negative emotions. This is specifically true for those who are trapped in between two strangers who are talking loudly in their cellphones. This scenario usually happens in public places and public modes of transportation like trains. The victims feel disgust and show annoyance towards the talking strangers. Such ill feelings can affect how the victims are going to spend the rest of their days at work or somewhere.

2) Cellphone use causes increased stress levels. According to a study conducted at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden cellphone owners are pushed towards the edge when they hear constant ringing, vibrating alerts, and other sound notifications for reminders. Women experience sleep disturbances while men experience stress.

3) Cellphone use weakens the immune system. Germs are collected in your handset as you use it constantly. Some studies showed that a certain percentage of E.coli, a bacteria found in fecal matter, are present in cellphones and that this bacteria can be easily transferred when one person borrows another person's cellphone.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How to Build Positive Relationships with the People Around You

No man is an island. Whether you like it or not, you will be connected with other people in one way or the other. Here are some tips on how to have good relationship with others. 

1)  Be understanding. Instead of talking immediately, try your best to lend a listening ear first. Everybody wants to share something and to be heard. Let  the other person to talk first and under where he's coming from. Use polite words when you're talking. Make it your goal to always come to agreement with the person you're speaking with.

2) Be honest. Don't say one thing when you mean the other. Express your thoughts and wants with all honesty. This will keep you from having unmet expectations or unwanted disappointments. By being honest, you're protecting yourself from getting hurt. This prevents you from hurting others as well.

3) Be a giver. Giving is better than receiving. Giving is not all about material things or money. You can be generous with your affection, compassion, praise, time, trust or what have you. Most of us, engage with others with the intentions of acquiring something that will be beneficial to them. Such attitude will keep you from having good and lasting relationship with others. Try your best initiate generosity and you will be surprised with the good thins that will follow.