Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ladies Bike Types - Know Which Suits You

Women’s bicycles are one of the all time favorites of ladies across countries. Many reasons come with this fact. Primarily, riding a bike is capable of bringing back the carefree days we all enjoy as little children. This is an enjoyable way to distress and treasure life.

There are many kinds of women’s bicycles you can choose from depending on your riding style and location. Below is a list which you can consult when purchasing the right bike for your needs.

Do you always run errands or go to the nearest store to purchase groceries you lack at home? If yes, consider the most common type you will see on the streets – a three speed bike. Its main features include big and comfortable seats and tall handlebars. All these contribute to an easy cycling downtown. Should you find yourself in a location with moderate hills, you can use its three gears to maneuver safely. The great thing about this bike is its provision for big baskets on the front and saddle bags on the rear.

Perhaps, you want something to use for your recreational or sports. You can have your pick from different styles of ladies mountain bikes. In comparison to other bicycles, these are manufactured with bigger and wider tires. In addition to that, they have excellent traction, suspension and multiple gears. The more versatile and cheaper kind of mountain bikes is called hardtail. Full-suspension bikes, on the other hand, are more costly but you can count on the overall shock absorption it can provide especially when you are traversing back country trails or steep and bumpy single tracks.

Next in line is the hybrid. It is a combination of a mountain bike and a road bike. Just like mountain bikes, hybrids are sturdy and are fit for riding on cemented streets or unpaved paths. A hybrid can also give you the speed you need as you drive it comfortably.

Foldable bikes represent another kind that gains the interest of most lady riders. Since they are foldable they can be placed inside a bag and carried along as you travel. Most lady commuters store them in their homes or offices when not in use. These foldables are light-weight and sturdy at the same time.

The last of the women’s bicycles that are gaining popularity these days are those powered by electricity. The best thing about these bikes is that they allow application of less pressure on the pedals since electricity runs them. No need to worry about getting tired driving long distances or traversing uneven and inclined locations. You just have to do half the effort with these bikes.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

How Moms Can Benefit from Fitness Boxing

Boxing has become a very popular sport for many moms. Fitness boxing not only helps to build and tone your muscular stature, but also helps you to gain mental strength. It is a great workout that stimulates the mind, body and soul of busy moms. Here are the other benefits this sport provides to moms.

Development of self-defense skills - Boxing can teach you countless combinations of kicks and punches. This can be used as self-defense if you ever end up in a dangerous situation.

Weight loss and weight management - Boxing can burn as high as 500-1000 calories in a single hour work out depending on the intensity. Hence, boxing can greatly assist with your weight loss efforts.

Stronger heart - Regular boxing sessions help to maintain a balanced heart rate. It also helps to improve the strength of heart muscles, building a stronger heart.

Strong bones and muscles - Boxing improves the strength and flexibility of all muscle groups in the body. It also helps to develop joints and overall skeletal system.

Body strength - Because boxing involves sparring, bouncing, ducking, pivoting, punching (and even kicking), it requires repetitive motions of your entire body. These repeated movements provide strength and power especially to your arms, legs and core area.

Stress relief - Boxing helps to relieve physical and mental stress. Research shows that people who box regularly are more cheerful, getting rid of stress and tension with every punch!

Anger release - Boxing provides a good opportunity to release pent up anger. When you kick and punch during boxing, you can let go of anger without blowing up at someone. This can help you relax.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Catering Business for Moms: Preparation Tips to Know

To  earn additional monthly income, some moms venture in a food catering business. Although this sounds like an easy idea, it requires utmost preparation on your end. Have you already envisioned how big your catering operations would be? The budget you ought to prepare depends on your answer to this question.

When it comes to the scope of your operation, the total number of guests to feed is your utmost consideration. This is because the number of guests dictates the number of wares needed. Let us say a company event with 500 attendees is lined up for your food catering service. That would mean 500 pieces of plates, saucers, glasses, pairs of utensils and other serving tools. In fact, you must have additional pieces for reserve. You can choose to buy as much wares or rent them from another provider.

On-premise catering requires different tools from off-premise catering. The former requires less equipment for you to purchase than the latter. Serving food outside your restaurant requires use of equipment capable of keeping all your food supplies fresh, your dishes warm and your beverages cool all the time. There is no other choice for you than to invest on these specialized food carriers.

In connection to the above-mentioned, here are a few steps you can observe. Make a list of all the kinds of tools you might need. When doing this, think of all the events you plan to cater and the frequency of such events. These will be your basis for renting or buying the apparatus in your list. If you decide to purchase and you do not have big budget at hand, rooting for all kinds of used catering equipment may be the best option for you. There are many sellers which you can contact regarding this. A simple search online can lead you to the whereabouts of the local sellers near to your place. As soon as you spot their websites, read the feedback from their past and current customers. Moreover, search for related reviews featuring them. Quality is crucial when searching for second hand tools. Some of them may be offered at much cheaper prices. It is better to purchase ones that are a bit costly and can serve their purpose for a longer time.

Moving forward, your means of transporting these pieces of equipment is important too. They must be carried safely to the location of your venue. Keep in mind that a huge piece of equipment may already need an entire truck for its transportation. That leaves the smaller serving tools, all the food and the staff in consideration. Again, this is part and parcel of food catering service which you must be prepared for financially. There is an option though for you to use your personal vehicle for smaller events. But in the case of more demanding events, you can buy or rent a larger vehicle.