Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ways to Build Positive Discipline in Your Home

Behavioral problems are common among kids today. They can be corrected by discipline - positive discipline specifically. Many psychological experts attest to the effectiveness of positive discipline. It comes with four important principles. Learn the following principles today if you want to enforce positive discipline in your home.

Build a healthy relationship - A healthy relationship between you and your children is founded on the quality that you spend together. Make time to know each of your children more. Do happy and positive activities with them. Ask them about their feelings at the moment. All these will help you create positive discipline in your household. 

Provide encouragement all the time - Mistakes are part of life. Instead of uttering words that hurt and scar your children's souls, comfort them with words of encouragement. Guide them to do and know better the next time they get caught in a similar situation.

Solve issues together -  Refrain from practicing authoritarian parenting. Involve your children in solving heart issues and problems happening that concern them. You might be surprised that they can give you better options in handling certain things. 

Do away with punishments - Present positive consequences to your children when you're disciplining them. Guide your children to doing things that will lead to desirable and positive results.  This will get them excited about correcting their behaviour.

By the way, I stumbled upon this video. You might find it helpful and so I'm sharing it.