Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Anger 101: Solving Your Children's Heart Issues

Anger is one of the heart issues which children face as they grow up. Anger is a normal emotion that can help children see what is fair and what is not. However, it becomes a destructive emotion when it causes children to act aggressively and uncontrollably.   

Children need the help of their parents and other adults in order to deal with anger in a healthy manner. Anger management can bring many benefits to children and their families. Keen to know how this can be done? Check out the following tips.

Respond to anger correctly – Children simply copy what their parents do. If you respond to anger calmly, your children are most likely to do the same. Talk about your children's anger in a creative way. Use symbolism – an exploding volcano or a dragon breathing fire will do. Also, don't judge your children because of their anger. Explain to them that their anger is what you hate and not them.

Find the causes of children’s anger – Observe how your children react in certain situations.Take note of the things that trigger them to get mad. Give them a gentle pat on their backs as soon as you see signs of anger. The common signs of anger among children include clenched fists, tightness in their bodies, verbal outbursts and hitting out.
Encourage them to work on a goal – Make it their goal to avoid being angry. You must explain to them that they can be angry but only at a certain extent. Have a chart on the that gauges the level of anger they feel. Praise them whenever they are able to keep their anger at an acceptable level. Positive words help children deal with anger better.