Monday, April 21, 2014

Simple Living And Your Kids

With the prices of most commodities going up every year, purchasing a lot of things that will help you and your family keep up with the latest is a big burden. This explains why many families today opt to rent a smaller space and have only the basic things they need to live.

Besides saving money, this is a good way to teach kids how to lead a minimalist or simple life. Most parents think this is impossible especially when you have children around. But the truth is, this is possible to attain with the right strategies in mind.

You can begin by explaining to your kids a couple or a few important principles in life. I have at least two key points that I make my son understand. They are:

Happiness doesn’t mean having more stuff. My son sometimes says that he will be happier if he has this toy or that toy. I try to correct such thinking by explaining that playing under the rain with his friends will be a lot happier than playing with a lot of toys on his own.

Living within our means is important. I tell my son that we need not live like everyone else. We might not need all the other things that our neighbours have. If we live simply, we will learn to value more important things.