Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tips On Encouraging Kids To Love Reading Books

Reading books is deemed as a chore by most kids these days. They no longer enjoy the feel of holding a book, flipping its pages and understanding its content chapter by chapter. Thus, making kids treat it as   fun activity will require much effort on the part of the parents.

The best way to make your kids love reading is to read aloud to them before bed time or whenever you have time to spare. This also means that you must love reading too. Instead of holding your gadget and browsing through ebooks, let your kids catch you holding your favourite paperback book and reading it in between household chores. If possible, limit the number of computers or mobile gadgets in your house.  A desktop or laptop for the whole family is enough especially when your kids are still young. 

Walk your kids to the nearest library in your locality. Kids can be thrilled with the idea of being surrounded with a lot of books and reading them with other kids. By frequenting the library with your kids, they will have a bigger chance to meet a reading or library buddy. Your kids will have new friends besides a new found love for reading.