Friday, November 28, 2014

Nagging Kids about Homework: Is This Advisable?

It is very tempting to nag your child when he’s not accomplishing all his homework. Before giving in to this temptation, pause for a second and understand that is common among kids to dislike doing homework. Primarily, this is due to the fact that they’ve already stayed long hours in school. They would really want to relax after school and spend their remaining energy on something enjoyable.

Nagging is not the solution to your child’s lack of motivation to accomplish his homework. Why? Nagging puts premium on the value of the homework and not on the value of your child. It may seem that nagging disciplines your child. But the truth is he simply completes his homework so that you can quit nagging him.

Nagging can also conditions your child you not to follow your orders the first time you said them. In effect, he will not do his homework until you remind him about it ten times. Such a situation can also lead to more serious issues like power struggle and irresponsibility.

Instead of nagging, allow natural consequences to happen when he has not done his homework. This will give him a taste of his irresponsibility. If ever he does his homework on time and receives positive consequences from doing so, encourage him to keep up the good work that he has started.