Friday, December 5, 2014

Effective Tips on Getting Your Children Do Homework

Even though kids do not like doing homework, they have to endure the process until they graduate high school if not college. Getting into a rhythm of great homework habits is difficult to start but it is achievable. However, you must take the extra effort to help your kids on this task before they can do it on their own.

Use a planner – This will be useful in planning out your kids’ tasks daily. When their homework are itemised in a planner according to deadlines, kids will not feel overwhelmed and so they will be encouraged to finish them bit by bit.

Stir clear of after school activities – It is important to face the fact that homework requires many hours to be completed. Thus, your kids must be free of after-school activities which eat much of their time and energy. If they have music lessons or sports, schedule it during the weekend.

Have a routine – Believe it or not, kids are comforted by routine. Routine makes them confident that they are in control of everything. After getting home from school, let your kids eat and rest for a couple of hours. Then, prod them to do their homework.

Create a homework  area – Do you have a study room in your house? If you don’t setting up a study area would be fine. It can be in their room, kitchen or living room. Just make sure that it’s free from distractions like computer games, loud music and TV.

Include breaks – Doing homework for long hours is strenuous. Allow your kids to stand, stretch and break away from their desk for a few minutes. Short breaks will keep them from getting bored or exhausted and losing concentration.

This video might help if you need more insights on this topic.