Friday, December 12, 2014

Depression in Early Childhood: Know Its Warning Signs

It is a fact that depression can begin in early childhood. Depression comes with warning signs. These symptoms can be observed in your children no matter how young they are.

Preschool children undergoing depression usually exude unexplained shyness and physical criticisms. Moreover, depressed young boys display anger while depressed young girls display sadness.

Young as they are, children aren’t able to express their feelings clearly – especially through words. Their depression may be caused by extreme fear about something or someone. They could express this by clinging tightly on their parents; not going to school or anywhere outdoors; and complaining about physical pain even with the lack of medical cause.

Apart from these, depression among young children may surface in the form of irritability. Medical and psychological experts see irritability as a key warning sign of depression among children. Irritability comes with varied facers – outbursts of anger, moodiness and negative behaviour or inappropriate reactions. When children are irritable, they are less likely to gain pleasure from play and interaction with other children their age. Thus, irritability in your children must be neglected at any rate. 

If you suspect your child of having depression, bring him to a pediatrician right away. A pediatrician is capable of determining any physical illness that causes the depression. Have his mental health checked if he turns out negative of any physical sickness. You will be able to know whether he has a mood disorder or not. Consider all appropriate treatments you can afford if he’s diagnosed to have depression.