Saturday, March 14, 2015

Let Love Be Your Guide in Correcting Your Child's Behaviour

Do you feel like your child's behaviour is uncontrollable? If you do, fret not. Most single parents feel that way. Such feeling springs from the fact that single parent families are much harder to manage than dual parent families. Needless to say, it can be addressed as soon as you come ways to correct your child's behavior. And in doing so, disciplining your child with love and logic is what will work best. Read the following insights that can help you get started on this.

#1 Value your child. An effective mother always treats  her child as a valued and worthwhile person. Always have the intention to build your child's self-esteem through honest praise for doing a job well done. Correct him lovingly and sparingly. Let him learn from his own mistakes instead of instructing him what to do all the time.  Give your child age-appropriate activities that can help him  to be independent.
#2 Nurture your child. Display your love to your child constantly and consistently. You can do this through positive touch therapy - hugs, kisses, tapping and holding him close. Train him to be a good child by supporting him in everything he does and providing words of encouragement all the time.

#3 Teach your child. Challenge him to grow cognitively, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. Be flexible in teaching important academic, scientific and life lessons. Children pick up what their parents do more than what their parents say. Therefore, you must lead a positive life in front of your child's eyes.

#4 Discipline your child. Practice a compassionate, consistent and an honest discipline for your child's well-being. Avoid being quick-tempered, holding grudges or keeping records of wrong. Create rules that are clear and easy for your child to follow. Be gentle and patient in discipline your child and don't forget to provide him moral reasoning.