Sunday, June 21, 2015

Forgiveness 101: Things to Do and Not to Do

Forgiveness or to forgive is never easy. No matter how light the offense is, pain and bitterness are inevitable. This is why most people find it hard to forgive.

Forgiveness Do's

Resolve bitterness. Bitterness veils the complete perspective of truth. Bitterness in our hearts makes us see only the truth according to us. Thus, we fail to see the things we can do and the things that we should be accountable for. If we can't resolve bitterness, we'll count forgiveness as impossible.

Be honest. We must be honest with ourselves that we will need another person to speak to us the truth. This requires humility too.

Keep your mouth shut. In sharing your feelings and hurtful experience, you must be careful not to share them to just anyone. Choose a trustworthy loved one who could be your confidant.

Forgiveness Dont's

Don't force transformations. Although forgiveness is a matter of decision, we must not force our hearts to do so. Sometimes, we need more time in order to be less sensitive to the consequences that can transpire once we decide to forgive. The bitterness in our hearts will just grow deeper if we get hurt again.

Don't make important decisions in the heat of the circumstances. Do significant things when you're emotions are already stable. This will keep you from having regrets.

Don't burden anyone with your ill feelings. When we're hurt, we tend to look for someone who can serve as a sounding board. Not all people want to be a sounding board. Look for other ways to vent out your feelings and thoughts. Refrain from  putting burden on other people's shoulders as they also have own problems to mind.