Friday, May 15, 2015

What You Need to Know About Your Favorite Flatties

More and more women are wearing flat shoes today because of the comfort they provide. In fact, many mothers consider them much safer to wear than high heeled shoes. Why? It's because you can run after your kids in flats without worrying about losing balance or toppling down. Aside from the comfort they bring, flats are also one of the hottest items in fashion today. Fashion magazines show images of Hollywood celebrities wearing flats in different styles.

In his television show, Dr. Oz said that flat shoes are one of the worst shoes for women's feet. He explained they can pose bad effects on your foot health. Regular use of flat shoes result to fallen arches. Feet with fallen arches are characterized by the extreme flattening of the sole. Extreme pain felt in the sole  is the chief symptom of fallen arches. Such pain can result to an inflammatory condition called plantar fascistic. It is caused by the prolonged wearing of flat shoes. It can be cured through continuous medication and surgery. Another foot health risk women can get from wearing flat shoes is stubbing. Stubbing can lead to swollen toes and infection afterwards.

You need not despair if you can't give up your flat shoes. Learn to wear them with caution. For example, don't wear them if you will be visiting a construction site or a camping site. Flats are best worn when you're working on flat and even surfaces. It is comfortable and safe to wear them when you're strolling with the kids in a mall. There are flats which are designed with metal toe caps. If it won't hurt your fashion taste, choose them over flats withe no caps because they can protect your toes from stubble.