Sunday, July 12, 2015

Large Mortar and Pestle: How It Can Add Wonders to Your Cooking

Do you have a mortar and pestle in your kitchen? If you don't, now is the time for you to get one. It is important when it comes to food preparation.

The amount of cooking that will be done defines the size and weight of mortar and pestle you will need. A day to day cooking job may require small grinding of garlic, chilies and a small handful of herbs. The small version would come in handy in this matter. It is easier to deal with and clean. A large mortar and pestle on the other hand, serves its purpose well in making sauces, pesto, pastes and or any mixture in large quantities.

Through out history, culinary arts would imperfect with out the presence of a large mortar and pestle. The latter is popular among Asian and Mexican cooking pieces of equipment.

Early Types:

  • 'Molcajete’ is an extra large mortar and pestle used by Spanish cooks who prepare great amounts of ‘salsa’, ‘moles’ and ‘guacamoles’. 
  • A large mortar and pestle made of granite was utilized by Thais to produce their savory curry paste.
  • The Chinese manipulated the large mortar and pestles made of porcelain to its best in pulverizing Chinese herbs for medicinal use. 

Chefs around the world recommend to their students and to the devotees of their cooking shows to get a large mortar and pestle before starting any cooking task. Here are some of its benefits over a small-sized one.

  • A large mortar and pestle gives you some ‘elbow room’ while manipulating it. 
  • Using a large mortar and pestle could also give you some work out.
  • A large mortar pestle can easily crush which ever ingredient with ease. People in the Middle East for one, use a large mortar and pestle in grinding meat.

A large mortar and pestle is weighty, thus, it will serve its purpose well. Any chef will tell you that the heavier the pestle the easier it is to use.

Selecting the right size of mortar and pestle really depends on the type of food that a person loves to prepare. In times of parties or just having a large family, owning an extra large one would be the smartest thing to do.