Monday, May 9, 2016

How to Maintain Good Hygiene During Summer

Keeping a good hygiene may be extra challenging during the summer season. Nonetheless, you must do your best to stay clean all throughout the hot summer months because humidity can cause skin diseases and other risks on your health. Read these tips that can help you get started.

Shower everyday. People sweat a lot during summer because this season increases levels of mercury in the body. Bacteria and germs increase in number when there's constant perspiration. To prevent these bacteria and germs from creating infection infections and irritations on the skin, you must take a shower on a daily basis. Take a shower two to three times a day if you need to cool yourself or whenever you feel itchy due to sweat.

Wear clothes and undergarments that are made from cotton. Cotton absorbs body sweat fully. This can keep your body remains dry. Besides feeling cool, you will feel more comfortable in cotton clothing.

Wash your face daily. Sebum production increases during summer due to heat and perspiration. Sebum production can result into pimples and acne especially on the face.  Wash your face daily to keep it clean. Engage in weekly exfoliation to get rid of the dirt and dead skin cell on your facial skin.

Use deodorants. Constant perspiration encourages bacterial growth that leads to the presence of a foul smell. Body odor can be decreased or relieved through the application of deodorant as soon as you finish taking a bath.

Take care of your scalp. Humidity can greatly affect the condition of your scalp and the appearance of your hair. The scalp becomes oily and the hair becomes brittle when they're exposed to the sun. Shampoo your hair three times a week. Apply a conditioner after shampooing your hair in order to prevent dirt and dust from accumulating in the scalp. Moreover, this will keep your hair manageable under the sun.