Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Quick Insights on Looking Good and Dressing Up Well

You’re you. And, you’re not exactly like any person in the planet. You may look like your siblings, but you can’t be totally alike with them. Having said that, you also feel and think differently from them. All the things that make you different from other people contribute to your personality.

The way you dress is one way you’re able to express your personality. A carefree person, for example, might be less concerned about what she wears compared to someone who is a perfectionist.

Self-concept: your key to good looks

Self-concept is the idea of who you are and what you are like. Experts say that a person most likely has a good self-concept when she feels good about himself. She enjoys life; she likes other people and she believes that she can accomplish many things.

Public image goes along with self-concept. It is the way you look to others and vice versa. The way you dress gives other people their first impression of you. They could be impressed with what you’re wearing because clothing is the first thing they see --- and it’s the largest area they see. In fact, most people notice other people’s attire before they see their faces or hear their voices. Therefore, you must take the time to plan your daily outfit or your outfit for special occasions if you want to create a great first impression all the time.

Your clothes speak for you

A wise man said that clothing is a silent language --- it speaks for you and me. Moreover, studies have shown that your feelings about yourself are usually shown in your appearance. Clothing reflects your mental attitude. It may even reflect your unusual mood for the day.

Some people look terrific all the time while others look just okay. They don’t necessarily have perfect features and body shape. They simply know themselves. They take the time to evaluate themselves and research about the type of clothing that will best suit them.

Do you want to start looking superb moving forward? Remember to observe these ideas: feel good about yourself; be intentional in creating a great and lasting impression; and wear clothes that suit you best following a thorough self-evaluation.