Tuesday, August 30, 2016

How to Choose the Best Colors for Your Body Shape

Color is one of the best ways to make the most out of your body shape. For example, white and off white can be worn by most people. It will make an area appear larger. If you want to emphasize your broad shoulders, select a top that is white or light in color.

Thin people can look bigger in clothes with light colors. 

Perhaps, you've already found the right color for your body shape. Plan carefully to add this color to your wardrobe. Firstly, stick to one color addition to your wardrobe to avoid confusion. Decide which colors look best on you. Your choice of color may depend on your complexion. figure, personality and present wardrobe. 

Here are some quick tips in choosing the colors that will complement your overall appearance. 
  • Wear neutral colors to draw attention away from  your body. Add color in accessories. 
  • Black and navy blue are the best colors for making you look slender.
  • Wear two or three piece outfits in warm contrasting colors if you're too tall or too thin.
  • Wear an outfit in one color if you want to look taller.
  • If you're a small person, wear separates that are color-keyed to each other.
  • Select light-colored tops that continue to below your waistline if you're short-waisted.
  • Wide and light-colored belts can make a waistline larger in some cases.