Friday, October 18, 2013

10 Healthy Practices We Skip Just To Save Time

Flossing regularly - Our dentists often remind us that tooth brushing is not always enough. There are food particles which usually stay stuck in between teeth and hard to reach areas of the mouth. When left unpicked, these can cause plaque that produces  enamel eating cavities.

Eating real food - Living in a busy age, we tend to skip breakfast and eat instant meals. We do this to beat deadlines at  work or in school. By eating instant noodles on the train or driving, we are accomplishing two tasks in one sitting.

Removing cosmetics and hair products before sleeping - When we are dead tired from work, we tend to sleep with our work clothes and make up on as soon as we reach home. Cosmetics  can clog the pores and cause break outs. Products like hair spray can cause damage on your hair and scalp when left unwashed over night.

Exercising and playing every once in a while - All work can easily make us dull and lifeless. We become very irritable and not enjoyable to be with also when we forget about how it is to be happy and enjoy life.

Overall health check-up - Listening to our body is an important thing to do. Oftentimes, we only rest and go for a check-up when there is a need already to be hospitalized. No matter how busy we get, squeezing in regular appointments with our physicians can benefit us greatly.