Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Best Mobile Apps Moms Should Download (Continued)

BigOven - Learning how to cook these days is as easy as ABC because of the useful mobile apps that provide step-by-step tutorials. They are great for both beginners and veterans in cooking. The same goes for baking. The BigOven is one of the apps under this category. You may choose others that may interest you.

Shapes - When alone with your little ones, you can turn this time to something educational. With this app, you can teach them identify the basic shapes around them.

My Days - Do you always lose track of your red days? My Days can help you updated with that. This can also provide important information about your fertility cycle. These are significant if you and your partner are trying to be pregnant.

Doodle Kids - This app can be more enjoyed by kids who are borrowing your phone. By simply touching the screen of your smartphone, they can draw with lines and shapes of varied colors. This is not just enjoyable but also beneficial for kids who are yet to develop their learning faculties.