Sunday, October 6, 2013

Candies, Sugar And Your Child's Teeth

We often give our kids candies to make them feel happy or reward them for a job well done. While we can always remind them to eat candies in moderation, they wouldn't be able to control it particularly when left on their own.

Their pearly whites are the first ones to suffer with a candy-eating habit. Candies are obviously made with huge amount of sugar. This sugar can hold on to the surface of the teeth quite stubbornly. When not attended immediately, it can turn into a plaque-causing bacteria that claim the health of the gums and teeth. Presence of cavities start this way. If your kids can refrain from eating candies, half of their dental problems  would be solved.

More than that, candies are not also ideal for your kids' health because they are not real food. They can take away your kids' appetite for real food in a snap. Believe it or not, candies can cause tummy aches. They can also affect the behavior of your kids. After eating candies, they may be up and running for hours and then, energy-drain afterwards.