Monday, October 21, 2013

10 Healthy Practices We Skip Just To Save Time (Continued)

Bringing athletic shoes to work - Stilettos are nice to look specifically when they fit your feet nicely. While they can give you a sexy impression with your work clothes on, stilettos can pose big problems to your overall health. They can injure your feet, affect your posture and put stress to your muscles and spine.

Sunscreen application - Sunscreen is the key to protecting yourself from all sorts of skin diseases particularly skin cancer. Before going outside, apply generous amount of sunscreen. Choose a brand with very high SPF.

Proper nail cutting - So, you are biting on your nails because you do not have time to look for your clippers. This may seem to be a small matter but this can be very harmful to your health. This may allow the transfer of bacteria from your fingers to your mouth and vice versa. Infections may spring from this.

Warming up and cooling down in the gym - Warming up and cooling down when exercising are important in relaxing your muscles, arresting dizziness and formation of unwanted lactic acid in your muscles.

Wearing a seat belt -  Being in a hurry to drive to work is not enough excuse for not wearing seat belts. Doing so can make you susceptible to accidents. Buckling up will just take a few seconds so do not forego your safety by not grabbing those seat belts.